If the goods are found to be defective by internationally authorized inspectors, we will repair or provide replacement if deemed necessary for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of our invoice. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts (not necessarily the same types) for these products. However, this warranty is void if the defect is due to:

  • Use of non-assembled parts of the product according to the instructions of BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL (section A & section B).
  • The use of any spare parts or accessories other than those recommended by BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL or proven misuse of equipment or damage resulting from fluctuations in the electrical network beyond the permissible limit set by the manufacturer and the limits set by PPC.
  • Careless installation not in accordance with the product installation leaflet, poor operation, non-maintenance.
  • Wear during transport, installation or relocation of the product.
  • Damage caused during installation due to non-compliance with the relevant installation instructions (special installation instruction sheet) and use of the product or other technical form of BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL.
  • Damage caused to attempted repair or conversion by unauthorized Contracting Parties.
  • Replacement or use of parts not included, such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), transformers, ignition systems, power cords, etc.
  • Damage caused by the use of the products in areas with a temperature or voltage exceeding the limit values.
  • Damage due to non-maintenance.
  • Damage due to incorrect maintenance based on the technical leaflets of BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL or the catalog of BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL.

It is also clear that TEFEL is not liable and therefore cannot guarantee the losses or costs associated with:

  • Alteration or reduction of the brightness of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) up to an indication of 0.6% for 1000 hours of use.
  • Any costs that are not directly related to the production of the product, such as costs for moving, uninstalling, installing or repositioning, loss of enjoyment / aesthetic effect, as well as costs due to inconvenience or loss of aesthetic enjoyment while the product is under repair or not available or in any other condition not specified in this warranty.
  • Costs of transporting the product to the headquarters of TEFEL and return from TEFEL to the sender.

Finally, the warranty does not include any of the exceptional conditions listed below and in the event that this happens, BEL-LIGHTING - TEFEL has no liability. Extraordinary weather or other phenomena such as: Fire, thunder, water leak or flood, torrent, storm, tornado, earthquake, explosion caused by any reason, terrorist acts, sabotage, vehicle incidents, burglary and strike, strike. in case of unforeseen events.

This warranty applies to the products of the company BEL LIGHTING & TeFeL lighting, which have been produced in the European market, have been purchased only by professional customers and have been installed by professional electrical installers.

In case of required repair of any product, within a time limit of 5 years, BEL LIGHTING - TEFEL will make sure that it has stock, which will cover any possible need for repair. In case the company considers that the product is not repairable or that its repair is not an advantageous solution, it may at its discretion replace the product with the same or its equivalent. Each component or product that will be replaced will bear the stamp of BEL LIGHTING.